Crystal Catcher

The little robot needs crystals to the spaceship. Help him to catch some crystals! Avoid the obstacles and use some awesome power-ups that will do all the diference.
Crystal Catcher is an amazing game! Fun granted. 

In the Crystal Catcher you will run through an amazing cartoon environment, avoiding a lot of different and very funny obstacles.

To keep going on you need to select a ball for each obstacle. The basket ball jumps above of roles and small objects. The iron ball destroy all brick walls. The bubble ball floats above fan. The fire ball melts the ice. And the tennis ball can avoid obstacles because it is simply small and can run between and under objects.


Leaderboard: Crystal Catcher is on the Game Center. You have 6 diferent leaderboards, one diferente and independent leaderboard.

Achievements: Crystal Catcher has 31 achievements.


* Awesome graphics;  
* Android;
* Challenger;
* 31 Achievements;
* 6 Leaderboards;