BLLUBY Arcade is a FREE puzzle game. It uses the mechanics of tetris genre, but you must walk above the colored cubes and turn them in the blue color. Make rolls of at least 4 cubes to destroy and eliminate them of the game. If all the 6 columns and 7 lines are full of cubes, you lost.
Each move a new cube falls from the top, take care you do not be locked by dead cubes( blue cubes ).

BLLUBY Arcade has 3 game modes, Arcade, Portals and Vegas. Each game mode has a new and totally diferente challenge.

Arcade Mode:

Portals Mode:

Vegas Mode:

 BLLUBY Arcade is available for Android, and off course,  BLLUBY Arcade is FREE. ( Game Mode Vegas and Portals need to be purchased )


 Game Center:

Leaderboard: BLLUBY Arcade is on Game Center. You will be on the most competitive leaderboard of all time. There are 3 main leaderboards, one diferente and independent leaderboard for each game mode.

Achievements: BLLUBY Arcade has 92 achievements, the most challenging and fun.

    * Awesome graphics.
    * FREE
    * 3 leaderboards and 92 achievements.
    * Prety good music and sound effects.
    * Easy to play, hard to master
    * Rating is 4+.   

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